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Rules server usage

When ordering a server, you agree to the points below:

  • 1. All types of spam, installation of VPN services, port scanning, DDoS attacks, both received and sent, are prohibited;
  • 2. It is prohibited to host websites and other resources that contradict the laws of the European Union or the country where the server is located;
  • 3. It is prohibited to publish texts and materials that violate the copyright of their owners;
  • 4. Hacking, hacks, botnets, stealers, phishing sites, drug distribution, malware, illegal sales of firearms, fake diplomas or certificates, website hacking, fraud in any form and other types of prohibited activities are prohibited. Illegal activity of this kind leads to quick blocking and deletion of the server without a refund;
  • 5. For a complaint or an IP address entering the spamhaus database due to the client’s fault, the server may be blocked without a refund. To unblock, a valid reason for the violation and further steps to prevent a recurrence of the incident must be specified. A repeated complaint results in immediate blocking of the server;
  • 6. The speed of server delivery depends on the selected configuration and the load on the data center; in most cases, the maximum waiting time is up to 24 hours. For servers with GPU, installation time can be extended to 48 hours. For more accurate information on a specific server, check with the support service;
  • 7. In some data centers, orders are not processed on weekends and holidays. Assembly and delivery of servers with video cards occurs only on weekdays, from Monday to Friday!;
  • 8. Issuance of details for connecting to the server is carried out during business hours;
  • 9. The operating system should be reinstalled on weekdays and during business hours, no more than twice a month;
  • 10. For suspicious accounts (the client’s IP address does not correspond to the specified country, the use of anonymous email, remote servers or VPN during registration), we have the right to suspend cooperation, refuse to issue a server, prohibit certain payment methods or request identification confirmation;
  • 11. The formation of virtual currencies (cryptocurrency mining) is prohibited. We pay special attention to the ban on chia coin mining - the server may be blocked, and damaged disks cannot be replaced!
  • 12. A dedicated or virtual server must be paid 2 days before the end of its rental period. If payment is not received on time, the server will be blocked and deleted permanently at the end of the paid period without the ability to restore data.
  • 13. We are not responsible in case of failure of server elements or sudden problems in the data center, which could lead to unavailability of the ordered service or loss of data. Backing up important information is the responsibility of the client!
  • 14. We do not customize operating systems for your purposes, neither paid nor free, we do not advise on launching your programs, and we do not install it. Monitoring the server, its security, backup of important data, configuration, installation of drivers, licensing, software and administration are the responsibility of the client!
  • 15. The minimum server rental period is 1 calendar month and is counted from the day the server is issued;
  • 16. We are not responsible and do not return money if you violated the rules of use, chose the wrong country of location, were unable to configure it to suit your needs, ordered an inappropriate configuration, have problems setting up your software, or decided to abandon the server for no important reason. To avoid misunderstandings, before ordering, carefully study the rules, and also consult with our support service!!!
  • 17. We are not responsible for the loss of information due to equipment failures, hacks, viruses, forgotten passwords, incorrectly configured or damaged OS. Only the client has access to data and backup is his responsibility.
  • 18. Some data centers do not have the ability to upgrade equipment in the future. In such cases, replacing the server with another is possible only at full cost.
  • 19. When paying with Bitcoin, the maximum payment waiting time is 6 hours, the incoming transaction should be visible for up to 20 minutes. Otherwise, the payment will be canceled before funds are received and a recalculation will be made, and this payment method will be disabled for your account.
  • 20. If a service is blocked for non-payment, in some cases, the server can still be restored subject to full payment within up to two days. If this does not happen, the disks on the server are formatted and all files are destroyed. The balance of funds from the client’s balance is returned to him minus transfer fees.
  • 21. If there are suspicious actions on the part of the client, a request may be made to verify his account, confirm his identity, and clarify the purpose of using the server.
  • 22. If there are frequent problems with server availability due to incorrect operating system settings, damage to system files or services, we have the right to refuse rental and terminate cooperation. Correct configuration and administration is the responsibility of the client.
  • 23. In case of violation of payment terms, deception or insult of our employees, disputes with them, disrespectful attitude, we have the right to refuse rent and terminate cooperation.