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Administration servers

Free basic administration

  • Installing and reinstalling the operating system;
  • Server reboot;
  • Installing the control panel (aaPanel, ISPManager/DirectAdmin/CPanel);
  • Resetting passwords (if possible) in case they are forgotten or lost;
  • Restoring raid arrays (if there was one and this is possible);
  • Connecting IP-KVM (if it is not included and if the configuration allows) to the server;
  • Replacement of failed equipment.

Free administration if control panel is installed!

  • Installation of the main modules apache, nginx, php, mySQL and those that the client specified in the comments when ordering (if the control panel allows it);
  • Setting up users and ftp connections;
  • Installing an SSL certificate, if purchased from us;

Paid services for installation, configuration
and maintenance:

  • aaPanel, ISPmanager, Cpanel, DirectAdmin, Vesta;
  • VPN Server;
  • Web-proxy, nginx;
  • Apache web server;
  • FTP: vsftpd, pure-ftpd;
  • Awstats web statistics system;
  • DBMS: MySQL, PostgreSQL;
  • MTA Exim (SMTP);
  • POP3/IMAP dovecot;
  • ClamAV Antivirus;
  • Anti-spam filters: SpamAssassin, bogofilter;
  • Security shell;
  • Firewall iptables;
  • BIND DNS server;
  • Backup.

Prices for some paid services administration:

  • Installation and fine tuning of Apache, Mysql, Phpmyadmin, PHP, Mail - ($20);
  • VPN Server - ($25);
  • Setting up remote or local Backup - ($10);
  • Setting up a server for video distribution - (from $40);
  • Continuous maintenance of one server - (from $50/month)

Ongoing server maintenance includes:

  • Contact directly with the administrator;
  • Continuous monitoring of status and individual services with notification via SMS;
  • Configuring web servers with load balancing;
  • Regular creation of backups;
  • Security settings.

Prices for other types of administration are discussed individually.