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Why rent a server
need it here?

Experience since 2008

Our team started working in the server equipment rental market back in 2008. Undoubtedly, during this time we have collected a huge knowledge base in this area, and also established the necessary connections. Thanks to this, we are 100% confident that we will be able to select the best server configuration option for each client, even the most demanding one.

Only high-quality sites, emphasis on innovation

Over a long time, through trial and error, we have selected the best sites for placement. The servers that we offer to our clients are located in the most famous data centers in the world (UK, Netherlands, USA, Germany, France). Server equipment of the latest models is manufactured by the world's leading manufacturers - Dell, Supermicro, HP, IBM Lenovo, Fujitsu, Intel, AMD. With us you can assemble almost any configuration - for disks, processors, raid arrays, Internet channels, connect servers to a local network with each other, protect against DDoS attacks and much more.

Premium Support 24x7

We want every customer to become our regular client, so we are happy to provide professional advice and provide fast support with a guaranteed response time of up to 10 minutes! We work 7 days a week without breaks, without days off and without holidays.

Low prices

If you look at the configurations of virtual or dedicated servers on our website, it becomes clear that we really have very low prices for server equipment: processors, disks, memory, video cards, Internet channels, etc.

Various payment methods

We accept VISA / Mastercard cards, cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Etherum, Tether, ADV Cash, Payeer, Capitalist, terminals, etc.